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Nouvelle Liquid Gloss Clear Colour Booster 400Ml


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Our very first Professional Liquid Gloss Toners provide you with a multifunctional demi-permanent that revives, corrects or tones, leaving the hair glossy, soft and hydrated.


Demi-permanent liquid toning dye that can be used as gloss with the specific activator. It can also be mixed with all the other shades of liquid toner to tone down the color intensity.



If not bleaching please shampoo with our alkaline shampoo leaving on at the basin for 5 minutes to really open up the cuticle.

Rinse off and blast dry with cooler air if possible.


Mix with the specific activator filled with sugar cane in a 1/ 1:5 mixing ratio for tone on tone colouring.


Mixing Ratio 1/1:5 for refreshing and pulling through to the ends.


Clear Gloss – This versatile toner provides an incredible GLOSS and can be used with all of the shades or as a stand alone to give life to dull and lifeless hair.

Mixing Ratio 1/1:5


Nude – Liquid Neutralising Toner that provides an Anti Yellow effect to the hair.

Mixing Ratio 1/ 1:5 on levels 7/8 9/10


Setting Times – Leave on for up to 25 minutes


After completing your colour service rinse with cool water and apply step 2 Junctiox our colour sealer.

Leave on for 5 minutes, apply the conditioner over the top and rinse to seal the colour in.