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Nouvelle Liquid Gloss Toner 9.62 Very Light Intense Rosegold Blonde 60Ml


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Our very first Professional Liquid Gloss Toners provide you with a multifunctional demi-permanent that revives, corrects or tones, leaving the hair glossy, soft and hydrated.



If not bleaching please shampoo with our alkaline shampoo leaving on at the basin for 5 minutes to really open up the cuticle.

Rinse off and blast dry with cooler air if possible.


Mix with the specific activator filled with sugar cane in a 1/ 1:5 mixing ratio for tone on tone colouring.


Mixing Ratio 1/1:5 for refreshing and pulling through to the ends.


Clear Gloss – This versatile toner provides an incredible GLOSS and can be used with all of the shades or as a stand alone to give life to dull and lifeless hair.

Mixing Ratio 1/1:5


Nude – Liquid Neutralising Toner that provides an Anti Yellow effect to the hair.

Mixing Ratio 1/ 1:5 on levels 7/8 9/10


Setting Times – Leave on for up to 25 minutes


After completing your colour service rinse with cool water and apply step 2 Junctiox our colour sealer.

Leave on for 5 minutes, apply the conditioner over the top and rinse to seal the colour in.