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NVL Violet Smooth40 Kit 1000ml + 1000ml


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NVL Anti Residue shampoo alkaline pH opens the hair cuticles eliminating impurities. Preparing the hair for the NVL Smooth treatment. NVL Smooth 40 Violet is a revolutionary formula created for blondes with increased moisture binding properties which helps to retain the moisture in hair, prevent breakage and give your hair a straight and smooth effect with a silky smooth finish. KIT INCLUDES: 1 x NVL Anti Residue Shampoo 1000ml 1 x NVL Violet Smooth 40 Solution 1000ml

How To Use

1. Wash hair twice with Anti-Residue Shampoo. (On the second wash leave the shampoo in the hair for 5 minutes.) 2. Dry hair 60% with a towel & comb straight with a detangling comb. 3. Apply the Smoothing treatment (Clear or Violet) evenly in fine sections & work the product with the help of a comb, at a distance of half a cm from the scalp. FINE HAIR RANGE 40-60G MEDIUM HAIR RANGE 60-80G THICK HAIR 80-100G 4. Use a plastic disposable cape to cover hair entirely for 40 minutes OR depending on hair type & condition you may use a heat processor/steamer for max 35 minutes. Wait for the hair to cool down and rinse hair with lukewarm water (DON’T USE SHAMPOO AFTER RINSE). 5. Dry hair 90% with a hairdryer and then flat iron (210℃-230℃) If using the CLEAR solution. Dry hair 90% with a hairdryer and then flat iron (180℃-200℃) If using the VIOLET solution. Iron hair from roots to ends slowly 7-10 times in small sections. (If hair is damaged, please adjust the iron temperature to 180℃-200℃ and iron 5-7 times). 6. After 48 hours of Smoothing treatment, you can wash the hair with NVL Anti-Frizz Shampoo & Anti-Frizz Conditioner for best results to last longer. For optimum results NVL anti frizz shampoo & NVL anti frizz conditioner must be used for after care.